Sunday, July 29, 2012

Third Professional Review of Bushels and Barrels

In his book, Bushels and Barrels, author Lee Ray suggests that on occasion, people need to “adjust the roadmap” that they’re on.  By “revisiting and revising” goals, dreams and hopes, it becomes possible to recognize the blessings in life that may have been obscured by the struggle through hardships.

Addressing difficulties most people face, such as divorce, self-doubt, rocky childhoods, loss of loved ones, and career and financial hardships, Bushels and Barrels combats these troubles by highlighting the positive aspects that may come out of them.  In doing so, Lee Ray helps readers see the light at the end of the tunnel and recognize the wonderful things around them that they may be having trouble recognizing.

Lee also shares his own struggles and how he found his way through them, explaining to readers that sometimes, a different point of view is all they need to keep going.  Each examination of life’s challenges is followed by a chapter that highlights the brighter side of things people face, which serves to help readers alter their perceptions of the life they live.

Eloquently stating “We’re all living the dream, right?  Sometimes we just need to change exactly what that term actually means”, Lee Ray sets the tone for his thought-provoking and inspiring look at both the barrels and the bushels, and does an amazing job of helping readers do exactly that.  Gently handling each of the difficult and sensitive subjects in his book, Lee’s positive and cheerful outlook provides comfort and hope for anyone suffering through a struggle in their lives.

By writing the book the way he has, barrels followed by bushels, Lee encourages a change of viewpoint and the reassurance that somewhere, in all of the troubles people face, there is still something to be thankful for, if they only search it out.

Recommended for anyone who is having difficulty in their lives, no matter what it may be, Bushels and Barrels is a well-written guide to redefining and living your own “American Dream”.

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