Thursday, August 2, 2012

Book Writing or Book Selling...My View on the Difference

Greetings blog followers!  After posting reviews of "Bushels and Barrels" lately, I thought it time to write a more personal post.  However, since the blog is a reflection of my personal life and thoughts, this post will tend to remain on the topic of books.  For those following me because they love this topic, you're welcome!

As a new author whose book is now released via multiple mediums, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iPad, Kindle, Nook, and personal sales, the time to market is now and the time to write has passed.  Oh how I miss those days!  The purpose of writing the book was to create a product to reach out and help those who needed it in a particular realm...those hurting in life and wanting to find a better way to approach the day and life itself!  The writing of the book was the meaningful part and the piece of the puzzle which kept me driven and focused.

Now is the marketing part.  Video trailers, book reviews, author spotlights, Facebook, blogging, and Twitter are now part of my day.  Heck, until now, I didn't Tweet and doubt I am doing it correctly now.  However, all of this is part of the mission to get the book into the hands of those in need of reading the message.  Yes, sales are important to help fund the cause, but readership and fulfilling the desire to aid others is much more important.

One particular cause I am focused on is K-Love Radio.  I began listening to this Christian station years ago when my world was upside down and the music and message coming out my speakers helped me not only survive the events, but to come out much stronger, happier, and content in my life.  Part of my efforts to pay them back is to dedicate 10% of all sales proceeds after recovering the initial cost of the book.  I'm hoping this endeavor takes off quickly!

So, from the days of sitting at the computer framing words, phrases, and sentences into a coherent message and story to creating 140 character tweets, I have evolved.  Where has your journey taken you?

If you want to join my journey, you can follow my public Facebook at or find me on Twitter, @LeeRayAuthor.  If you're interested in my book, feel free to see more on  Have a tremendous day!

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