Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What Season Are You In?

Greetings all!  As the school buses start their engines and the hussle to get that last vacation or cookout in before the winter months arrives, it is evident the weather seasons are about to change.  Summertime will start to recede and fall will surround us with falling colorful leaves, jacket and sweater weather, and football season.  As we prepare to embrace this seasonal shift, one can also reflect onto their own lives and determine which season they are in and if they are about to undergo a personal season shift.

In my book, "Bushels and Barrels - Redefining the American Dream", we discuss what the four seasons are with respect to our lives.  Are we in crisis management or are we entering a shift in relationship status?  Regardless of what is going on in your life, you are either in a particular personal season or shifting into another one.  Just like the weather shifts, our lives will transition many times throughout the years, we must be ready for the ups and downs.

If you happen to be in a dark and cold season in your life, take heart, it will only last a certain amount of time, but the length can be determined by you as well.  If you recognize all the positive around you, regardless of the negative, you can pull yourself into a brighter, warmer place in both your heart and in your head.  When you're in the trees, it is very hard at times to see the edge of the forest and to know you are just about to exit into a field of green grass and sunshine!

In many of the books I've signed thus far, one saying I have adopted is "positive perspective produces positive people."  I believe this to be a true statement and will continue to try to live my life by this mantra, it has served me well the past few years and I believe it will continue to do so into the future.

What season are you in?  Are you ready for a change?  If so, work for the change.  If you are happy where you are, just remember, there will be passing clouds, but try your hardest to prevent them from becoming storms and seasonal shifts.  Pick your favorite season, move your life into it, and then enjoy the weather there!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Overcoming Challenges to Chase a Dream

Well readers, it is that time know, the Olympics!  Where else can we watch with such pride, anticipation, and patriotism?  To watch athletes compete after dedicating years and most of their lives to training is inspiring.  Sometimes they win.  Other times, they fall short of the top of the medal stand.  However, do they really fail if they don't reach the podium?  I would argue they don't, they just fail to meet the ultimate goal, but they are already winners!

To see such inspiring stories and nicknames such as the Blade Runner and Flying Squirrel shows an adoration and relation to these athletes.  Gabby Douglas, the Flying Squirrel, left all she knew and her family to train for these Olympics and has made history.  The Blade Runner, Oscar Pistorius, had to fight not only physical obstacles to train, but political and society acceptance as well.  He was a winner the second he walked into the stadium in his uniform and was announced as an Olympic athlete!  Sometimes chasing a dream comes at a cost, but the journey is well rewarded...medals or not.  Have you chosen your dream?  Are you still chasing it?

There will be setbacks, of course.  All one has to do is watch Jordyn Weiber's face when she failed to make the Women's All Around Gymnastic competition.  She was crushed beyond belief.  Her dream was in tathers.  Yet, two nights later, she had pulled herself together, readjusted her dream, and went after it for the chance to win the gold medal alongside her teammates.  She achieved it and they won!  Sometimes, we have to adjust the dream, or the path to the dream, to achieve it.  Yet, as Jordyn did, we must continue to strive for the dream.  If we give up when the obstacles reach us, then we are giving up on ourselves and our dreams.  We are better than that!

There is no greater illustration of what "Bushels and Barrels" tries to illustrate to my readers than the Olympics.  It is about facing the barrels, challenges, and reaping the blessings, bushels.  The Olympic Games and my book, "Bushels and Barrels - Redefining the American Dream", both are strong reminders that we can only achieve our dreams if we are willing to go for them and adjust our sights when needed.  Have you achieved your dream yet?  I'm still chasing mine!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Book Writing or Book Selling...My View on the Difference

Greetings blog followers!  After posting reviews of "Bushels and Barrels" lately, I thought it time to write a more personal post.  However, since the blog is a reflection of my personal life and thoughts, this post will tend to remain on the topic of books.  For those following me because they love this topic, you're welcome!

As a new author whose book is now released via multiple mediums, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iPad, Kindle, Nook, and personal sales, the time to market is now and the time to write has passed.  Oh how I miss those days!  The purpose of writing the book was to create a product to reach out and help those who needed it in a particular realm...those hurting in life and wanting to find a better way to approach the day and life itself!  The writing of the book was the meaningful part and the piece of the puzzle which kept me driven and focused.

Now is the marketing part.  Video trailers, book reviews, author spotlights, Facebook, blogging, and Twitter are now part of my day.  Heck, until now, I didn't Tweet and doubt I am doing it correctly now.  However, all of this is part of the mission to get the book into the hands of those in need of reading the message.  Yes, sales are important to help fund the cause, but readership and fulfilling the desire to aid others is much more important.

One particular cause I am focused on is K-Love Radio.  I began listening to this Christian station years ago when my world was upside down and the music and message coming out my speakers helped me not only survive the events, but to come out much stronger, happier, and content in my life.  Part of my efforts to pay them back is to dedicate 10% of all sales proceeds after recovering the initial cost of the book.  I'm hoping this endeavor takes off quickly!

So, from the days of sitting at the computer framing words, phrases, and sentences into a coherent message and story to creating 140 character tweets, I have evolved.  Where has your journey taken you?

If you want to join my journey, you can follow my public Facebook at or find me on Twitter, @LeeRayAuthor.  If you're interested in my book, feel free to see more on  Have a tremendous day!