Tuesday, February 4, 2014

An Age of Entitlement? I Think Not!

Hello!  It's been quite a while since I've written, but that doesn't mean there isn't things to write about.  Life has been so busy and blessed, I love where life and God has taken me.  Within my life now, I get a chance to interact with and work with individuals of all backgrounds and ages.  There are many whom want to learn the right thing, there are those whom teach the right thing, and then there are those whom will do whatever it takes to avoid doing anything...much less the right thing.  But the overall assumption that this is the age of entitlement is far from correct.

I have encountered those whom will do absolutely everything to avoid performing the very activities they were hired to perform.  Yet, these individuals are such the minority.  Yes, they take a ton of time to manage, document, and defend against.  But man-o-man, are there so many of the younger generations ready to step up and learn life lessons and do their jobs exceptionally well at the same time.

I'm still learning...every day, I learn.  I love my job and career and where it could potentially take me.  Yet, what inspires me more and takes me to work is getting to help younger individuals create priorities in their life, build budgets, understand the importance of honor, and creating networks.  Forgiveness and flexibility have become a larger part of my vocabulary and actions within the past year as I've learned how to lead a team of civilians and not military members.  And that is ok, I've grown, they are growing...and the metrics are improving every time I look.

Outside work, watching my daughter and her friends learn and embrace community outreach, servitude, and responsibility.  It is a society where the village parenting concept is alive in the world I'm in now.  Maybe not everyone's, but it is in mine.  I love how other parents trust my wife and I to help raise their kids and we trust them in the same fashion.

As America's population gets older and the youth are challenged, they will rise.  If you tell them they can have things without having to work, of course, they will take it.  Wouldn't you?  Yet, you teach them to work hard, have pride, and learn from mistakes, you will be surprised, proud, and restored in faith.  We are ok!

Let's rid our lives of those whom only take, share with those wanting to learn, and stretch for those willing to make mistakes to grow.  This includes yourself...shape your life this year to be one willing to stretch, grow, learn, and prosper.