Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Bushels and Barrels" Faith-based review

Most people who have a strong sense of faith have found that faith tested at times.  The world that we live in can bring us down, which can make us question our own beliefs and abandon our idea of the “American Dream”.  Sometimes, it can even seem that life was designed to be difficult, but Bushels and Barrels author Lee Ray sees things a little differently. 

Sharing and discussing his own difficult upbringing and hardships that he’s faced, Lee brings the reader into his world, and introduces them to the idea that maybe, just maybe, the difficulties we endure in our lives are there to make us stronger, better, and more able.  By terming the obstacles we face as “barrels” and the blessings we receive as “bushels”, Lee makes it clear that you can’t have one without the other.  He tells readers that they have to have the confidence to face the barrels and keep going, stating that “you can’t do this if all you see are barrels…once you start seeing the bushels, you will see the barrels as chapters in your life with lessons to learn to help you achieve your dream”. 

An inspiring and uplifting book for anyone who has ever begun to focus on the “barrels”, Bushels and Barrels encourages his readers to try and embrace the positive aspects of life and to try not to focus on the negative.  He suggests, “Revisit and revise life’s boundaries when necessary”, and make the changes you need to make to be a better, healthier and happier person.

Sometimes, redefining your version of the American Dream is all it takes to remind you that you are living the dream you envisioned when you were young, it just may not be recognizable yet.  Bushels and Barrels inspires readers to take another look at their life, and find the bushels that are just waiting to be noticed.

To read more about the book or purchase your copy today, go to http://www.leeray.shorturl.com.

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