Saturday, May 18, 2013

Spring Cleaning Our Lives

As we go through each year of our lives, we tend to pick things up.  We pick up new friends, new favorite places, clothes, music, and even bad habits.  We add them all to our lives and we carry them with us into each new season.

Well, spring has finally sprung.  With spring comes the ritual forever known as spring cleaning.  This is when we review our lives and our dwellings and try to make them cleaner or less cluttered.  In my life, we are doing some remodeling on our home and I'm forging into the second half of my first year in my new career.

This year has brought so many blessings, but has also brought some heavy heartedness within our lives and those of some around us.  We carry with us the fondness of the memories, but we also still struggle with the grief at times.  During our own spring cleaning, perhaps we shed the grief and celebrate the memories and the mere presence these individuals had in our lives before we lost them!

Within my career, I have learned so much and continue to know and grow more every day.  As with any career and position, there are those days with challenges.  However, the chance to grow, help others in their own career journeys, and the friendships formed with my peers have forged a continuous striving for improvement, both within myself and for my team.

So, as we forge into the summer months, let's lose the heaviness of those things which burden us and embrace the chances given to us to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually!  My life is pretty great as it is, but can always use a little cleaning as well.  How about yours?

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