Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March Madness or Life Madness?

As we all hurry to complete our brackets and pick the winner in this tournament beginning in the next few days, we rearrange our lives to ensure we capture the experiences of these young men.  They are embarking on an adventure that so many boys dream of in back yards and parks across the country every summer.  A champion team will be crowned out of many teams who began their seasons hoping for a chance, just a chance, to hoist the trophy.  Only a handful will rejoice as champions, but they all will get to live the chance.  How awesome does that seem?  In the searing pain of defeat, young men will be hardened to try harder, work harder, be smarter, and grasp opportunity out of ruin.  Life lessons will be forged.  Seek opportunity in defeat and rejoice in the journey!

Looking at my life these days, I can say I rearranged my life in the same manner.  I can't ever say I have experienced anything like what these men are about to embark upon, but I've had my own adventures and lessons in life.  Not all were enjoyable or happy, but all were worth it.  My life journey could not have been scripted in any better manner, but such an unpredictable path it has been.

Yet, in all the crazy days, a sense of peace is abundant these days.  Yard work is upcoming, yet I can't wait.  My new career challenges me every day, yet I find myself growing into it and loving the challenge (well most days!), and my family...well, there is so much I can say here.  I am challenged every day to be the best I can be.  I find myself working to make life easier for them, yet I'm in total amazement when they do the same in return.  A dusty home is a great reminder that life is lived on the go, home is where you come to shower, change clothes, and go at it again.

So, as March Madness becomes about the game of basketball, take a few moments and look within your life and appreciate the madness in your march through life.  There may not be a trophy or nets to cut down at the end of our tournament of life, but the simple joy of getting to be part of it makes it all worth the work.  Don't you agree?

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