Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Springtime in Our Lives!

As we enter into spring from the winter months, we all start to shed the heavy clothing and rejoice in the lighter, warmer days of spring about to arrive.  We start thinking about cleaning out the closets and finding new outfits.  Spring and summer plans start to come to the forefront of our minds and we start to get a spring, pun intended, into our steps.  We emerge from hibernation and see our neighbors again, smile and wave.  Winter is part of the annual seasonal shifts and brings us Christmas, snowmen, and the Super Bowl.  Yet, its time has come to move along for 2013.  Let us get back outside and start living life to the fullest again!  We do this every year, but do we take the time to do this in our personal life as well?  Do we clean house and declutter our internal selves?

In "Bushels and Barrels," I speak of Spring as the renewal of life.  Our lives also have seasons and spring is when we renew ourselves and are full of energy.  We need to remove the "old" things in our lives which are holding us back from the eternal joy of living.  Shed your "coat" which you wear covering up who you are.  Be true to yourself and those around you will see your light shine as the wonderful human being, friend, family member, etc you are.

Winter was our time to catch our collective breath from going full steam during the spring and summer months and to reflect on our lives.  Now it's time to act upon those reflections.  I've seen some friends make significant life changes to improve themselves and I've been inspired.  Reach your arms out and upward...stretch them.  Reach as high as you can, then aim for higher.  By reaching outside your comfort zone, you grow.  By reaching upwards, you seek, and receive, guidance on how to grow and live a righteous life.

Outward and upward!  Reach.  Stretch.  Grow.  Live life!  I'm excited, are you?

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