Sunday, June 3, 2012

What Motivates You?

It is a beautiful spring Sunday afternoon and I am loving life.  There are some really major things going right in my life now and a large part of this fact is due to attitude.  I have been down and out before and, to be honest, it stunk!  Life is so much better when you enjoy it, it really is.  So, my friend, what motivates you to get out of bed every morning?

I am listening to the wind chimes sing in the breeze and holding a cup of coffee on our quiet neighborhood street and simply soaking up the tranquility.  This is a word I have come to love over the past several years and hope it never leaves my vocabulary again.  It is who I have become and I will not be ashamed to admit it.  My life motivates me to rise each day.  There simply are too many things to mention, list, or acknowledge here, because they are all part of the positive.  Even the negative isn't so bad these days.  Why?  Because I choose them to be minimal!

The job search has taken so much longer than anticipated, yet that too has been ok.  If I had left the Air Force and jumped right back into the employment pool, my realization of life might not have been as clear.  My ability to recognize the good when bad is around me would not be so honed.  It takes practice to understand the beauty of life.  The more I practice, the more brilliant life seems to be.

So, what motivates you this beautiful June day?  Friends and family?  Memories of years past?  Thoughts of what is to come?  That project you have put off and you can't wait to see the outcome?  Perhaps the look in your child's eyes and the future you know the can have if you teach them the beauties of life?  Tell me, what motivates you?

Without motivation, we are stagnant and complacent.  When the world has us down, motivation seems to have disappeared.  Yet, if we can just find the corner of the motivational blanket and yank it out from under the bed and wrap ourselves in its protective fibers, we can emerge and soar again.  Find your motivation, embrace your life, and get is the day you can see more beauty than yesterday, and tomorrow, you shall see more than today.  Yet, in order to do this, you must step out, open your eyes, fill your lungs, and smile.

Today is beautiful.  Tomorrow is beautiful.  Life is beautiful.  You are beautiful.  I am beautiful.  God's work is an amazing masterpiece.  I don't want it on my wall, I want my life to be the canvas so all can see.  How about you?

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