Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring Fever's Oxymoron

We have finally made it!  The cold, windy months of November through parts of April are now behind us.  The weather is increasingly sneaking towards the summer swimming temperatures we all long for through the chills of winter.

As the sun entices us to open the windows and come outside, we struggle to remain productive.  Those with jobs indoors lose focus on the work and start to stare out the windows at the beautiful, plush greenery seducing them to slack and take a break outside, if only for a few moments.  The winter months have kept us prisoners inside for too long!  Because it was easier to stay inside than to venture out, we cooked, cleaned, and worked our proverbial behinds off.  Spring is our payday for such's our time to slack.

So, with the flowers blooming, lawnmowers buzzing, and tanning efforts underway, why is it called Spring Fever?  Typically, fevers are higher than normal internal temperatures caused by our bodies fighting infections which are making us sick and weak.  Springtime does no such thing to us.  Spring brings life back into our souls as we flock to the ballfields and parks.  There is no illness here, there is no medication needed to rid us of this most welcome of things.

Perhaps, instead of Spring Fever, we alter the phenomenon's name to Productivity Fever.  Yes, that is more like it.  Productivity suffers during spring as our bodies do during sickness.  Even though we remain productive in the projects of revitalizing our lawns, we tend to lose focus on other inside chores.  Dinners still get created, yet more meats get grilled than broiled, fried, or baked.  Work still gets accomplished, simply because it has to, not because we are dedicated to remaining focused to it.  We simply want to be outside, folks!  Admit it.

Even though the name Spring Fever is among the most erroneously named oxymorons, the contagious effect is the same.  Like all the rest of you, I too suffer from Productivity Fever.  The only known cure is rainy afternoons and even they have their own ritual of family movie time and sleeping in.

Even though it makes it so much more difficult to get necessary tasks completed, I do not want to be cured of Spring Fever.  I shall suffer the consequences of Productivity Fever in joy and savor every scent produced by cut grass, freshly blooming flowers, charcoal grills, and suntan lotions.

If you need me, I'll be outside!  See you in the Fall.

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