Friday, April 13, 2012

Thank God It's Friday?

It is Friday, break out the lawn chairs and the grills!  After all, it's been a long week full of challenges and long days at work.  Or has it?

Well, the answer to that particular question definitely depends on who you are.  For all the working stiffs out there, most definitely, Friday marks the last day of the week and the beginning of the recharge period known as the weekend.  For those of us still looking for work, it brings something totally different.

Since my last day of work months ago now, the weeks are filled with more duties typically left for nights, weekends, and other family members.  The grocery shopping, laundry, yard work, and errand running are now done during the week.  Once all that is done, there is the daily job searching and writing sessions when there is time left and the creative juices are flowing.  So, what significance does a weekend hold when there is no true week?  Plenty!

When Friday afternoon hits, I know my wife is coming home ready to relax.  I know she doesn't have to get out of bed early and can stay by my side those couple of hours longer should we decide to sleep late.  I know if we decide to, we can get up early, find someone to cook us breakfast and spend the day as husband, wife, and daughter.  I know that there is the high possibility of sleep overs, so more kids in the house is always a consideration.  I know that family time is weekend time!

Also, since my week is also spent busy, just on different things, it is important to recharge my batteries as well.  I turn the computer off and usually leave it that way.  If it does get turned on, it is for sports scores or to balance a job searching on the weekends!  After all, the jobs I am searching for are typically weekday jobs, so they won't post on the weekend anyway.  I usually take time off from the writing as well unless I feel I have an important idea I want included.

So, whether it be because of a long week at work or a long week looking for work, take time off.  Recharge those batteries.  Spend time with those important in your life.  Work is a means to an end, not the reason for living anyway.  Stay up late, sleep late, relax, and just take a look around at all the blessings in your life.  After all, Thank God It's Friday!

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