Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Life's Reminders

As I sit here on a Wednesday morning looking out the window at a rainy day, I ponder.  Life is the strangest of experiences sometimes.  Even though I am still in search of a new career, I don't feel the stress it should be causing most days.  I look around me at the blessings in my life.  My wife, my daughter, and interestingly enough, my life.

As part of my morning routine, I grabbed my coffee, logged onto the computer and started reading.  I read the local news, checked the job boards, and then perused the "reality internet" wall of Facebook.  What I saw there over the past several days was so sad.  Several days ago I learned a high school classmate died in his sleep after hitting his head earlier in the day.  A dear friend of ours is spending much time at the hospital with a family member.  Another friend of our miraculously survived a horrific accident back in November, but is still recovering.  And then several friends posted about the loss of a baby recently.  It makes one stop and wonder.

Why is life so cruel?  We spend our great days proclaiming how wonderful our lives are.  Yet, it can be stricken down in just a single second.  Life is not only wonderful at times, painful at is fragile!  We must constantly struggle to live each and every moment with respect for ourselves and others, love for our family and ourselves, and we must never take anything positive in our lives for granted.

I see all the negative in my life that could pull me into despair.  Yet, I refuse to go there.  It would consume me if I let it, yet I feel content in my life.  I mourn for the losses I've just learned about, the pain they are going through currently.  Yet, to have those lost in our lives at all was a blessing.  It is sad when we lose someone, but we all will be lost at some point in this continuum called life.  Only our souls have the opportunity for eternal life.  Life to be a blessing, let others know they are your blessing, and count your blessings in abundance.

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