Thursday, March 1, 2012

It Was Only a Kiss...

Have you ever had a first kiss that could tell you the future? One that changed who you were? Heard the cliche that the first kiss would tell you everything?

I have on all three counts and all in one single moment in time that is frozen in my mind. It was in the snow, cold, dark, and in Olive Garden's side parking lot between rows 3 and 4. It was about 8:05pm. We had just had dinner for the first time and this was our first contact other than the cursory hello hug before the meal.

I was waiting for her in the lobby when she arrived. She walked in and my knees buckled slightly. I knew who she was, but hadn't expected this. The meal went well, but stayed on the realm of safe subjects, but we learned a lot from the meal. I learned she likes seafood and doesn't mind veggies. She walks in heels despite wet, cold, ice, and snow...that shows confidence in herself and her abilities. She maintains eye contact while speaking, she's true in character and spirit. She spoke of her daughter with a shine in her eyes that shows where her heart resides.

Then at the end of the evening, there was the good bye. We walked to her car and were at the point of conclusion when she came closer, leaned into my arms, and time stopped. She leaned in for the kiss and it was slow, soft, gentle, intense, trembling...and I forgot the snow, the wind, the time, and for a few moments, I forgot to breathe.

So, now when someone says that they "just knew" with the first kiss...I can now say, "so did I!"

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