Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bushels and Barrels namesake

Bushels and Barrels

Marriage Proposal to my now beautiful wife

A bushel is a measurement of food when being picked out of the fields by farmers. This is how they sell the food in the markets to make money for their families. This unit of measurement is also how they measure the food they will feed their families throughout the year. Each year, new crops are planted and new plants create new food supplies. The very same bushel baskets are used time and again. In essence, the same bushels are replenished each year.

I measure my love for you in the same manner. Some may say I will love you forever, but really can someone love forever? That is an empty measurement because forever can end in an instant. Others may say they will love you for eternity, but that is an empty measurement as well because no one can make a reliable statement as to how long that is. A heart pumps blood and volume is the measurement used to measure blood, a liquid. Therefore, it makes much more sense to love with something that can be measured in volume, in the bushel's case, a solid. Bushels are used to measure food for livelihood and substinence. My love for you brings me to life and feeds the happiness within me. A bushel is an appropriate measuring tool for my love for you. Time moves forward and our lives may get stale and boring, taking the fire of our love with it. But just like the crops, the bushel baskets come back out and replenish the cabinets and pantries, my heart is replenished and I love you all over again.

May the crops always grow and the baskets always overflow. I know my heart does.

A barrel is a storage mechanism for liquids or grains. Many times it is commonly used to store alcohol. As much as we all enjoy our drinks from time to time, we all know that too much of it can destroy our bodies and our abilities to function correctly. During the times of the Prohibition, there was an earnest effort to abolish alcohol, yet it still exists in earnest today. And people's lives are destroyed every day due to it. But if you look, it can also be used for times of celebrations and toasting. In moderation, there are few things in life that are harmful. A barrel is symbolic of those things which may be good in our lives unless we over indulge within them, then they are dangerous and volatile...alcohol and gun powder are excellent examples.

I measure my love for you in the same manner. God will present opportunites and challenges to us every day. Some are good, others are not. We will be tested throughout our life, we must make choices and traverse life in a righteous manner. The barrels represent the obstacles we will face, we must choose whether to go around them or jump over them and face them head on. How we traverse the arena of life and navigate the barrels in our life will define who we are and who we will become. The barrels also represent the opportunities that we will be faced with. Together, we must choose which barrels we want and we must ensure they glorify our God and fulfill our souls in a meaningful way. We must always be aware and prepared to pass a barrel by as some are dangerous and volatile. Our lives will always be full of challenges and opportunites, but our path we choose through the barrels will define who we are as individuals and as a couple.

Are you ready for the rodeo? I am.

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